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July 10, 2012

11 myths about prostitution

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Myth 1. In prostitution come to almost a vocation at the genetic level

This means that some girls are sincerely convinced that choosing the profession of a prostitute, they perform a special mission – to serve man, the salvation of man’s beginning, etc. This is not the case. The main reason for choosing this profession for girls is their greed and laziness, the desire for easy money. The vast majority of prostitutes hated of all men in general, considers them to be bastards and scum.

Myth 2. Romantic of prostitution as a profession or Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession.

No romance for review at the heart of the prostitution there. In this cynical to the extreme brutal world ruled by greed and laziness women in union with the male lust.
– Slavery and pimping and agriculture are the world’s oldest professions.

Myth 3. In prostitution, the girls go from poverty

To prostitution or forced girls, or they themselves come into this profession in search of easy money.

Myth 4. From this it is easy to leave the profession (jump), deciding their own problems, accumulating money

The same easy money firmly hold the girls of easy virtue in the profession, as well as drugs and pimps.

Myth 5. A prostitute can be a good wife

Indeed all the “prossy” entertain illusions that successfully marry for love, and become good wives. In fact, the longer a woman delays “in the profession,” the less the chance to arrange their personal lives. In addition to alcohol, drugs and cynicism, she eventually gets the special properties of nature … The main of them is the persistent attitude to man, as the “an instrument of”, ie the decision “a man” of all its economic and moral issues based on money relations. Get rid of this man’s vision “prossy” no longer able to.

Myth6. A “prossie” in the process gets sexual pleasure

At average, “hooker passes through a” 3-4 men per shift. This is when she works in the “elite” massage parlor, that is, is, at best, a privileged position. What kind of pleasure can there be, if you fuck with the daily 3-4 or more unloved species boys. Even if the girl has the makings of a nymphomaniac – a “routine” is rapidly leading to the development of aversion to the intimate life and frigidity.

Myth7. High earnings “harlot”

If it once and it was a very long time… leave in the past, legends of the famous and wealthy courtesan. Modern “harlot” in the salon of elite earns in the best case 2 – 4 thousand dollars a month (although lots of cash passes through their hands on the way to pimps, stripclub managers, bartenders, taxi drivers, casino hosts and other predators). Buy on this money apartment in a modern city or expensive car is impossible. This money is spent on expensive cosmetics, clothes, night clubs, as well as drugs and alcohol… as The rapid aging and «out of circulation» earnings “harlot” fall.

Myth8. A “streetwalker” on the nature of the master of communication, psychologist or Prostitution is sexual liberation

Good psychologist “streetwalker” only happens when assessing the solvency of their client. In fact for prostitutes – the smaller the client grind the language, the better. In this “streetwalker” like a maniac, who does not want to speak with the victim-and suddenly it pity and thus make to make a discount… For “streetwalker” is characteristic is the total absence of mercy to the client, as well as to their own kind.
Prostitution is sexual exploitation.

Myth9. The “strumpet” client respects

In the course of professional communication with prostitutes produced one opinion – all the guys change their wives, all males have big psychological complexes. And Most prostitution involves pimps. Health service providers, shelter staff, survivors of prostitution, and law enforcement sources estimate that 65%-85% of all prostitution is pimp-dominated…

Myth10. “Scarlet Whore” takes care of your health

The longer she is in the profession, the more it degrades and becomes indifferent to his women’s health. The so-called employers does not care about she health. Why? If the waste material can be thrown out and hire a new.

Myth11. Social stigma is the most harmful aspect of prostitution

The worst thing about prostitution is not social stigma, it is rape, strangulation, beatings, toxic verbal abuse, and other violence from johns and pimps.

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