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December 25, 2009

Hard Shemale Sex: Tranny-Surprize presents Nicolly in Dong passion

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adryella_vendraminiAdryella Vendramini

Those nasty tranny cum boys grabbed beautiful blonde Adryella Vendramini and headed off with her.
This gorgeous shemale was shocked when they attacked her beautiful face and ass with those hard thick meat poles. They didn’t give her a break as they fed her mouth hard dick after hard dick while her ass was being tooled hard and gaped wide open.

Photo set Here

December 22, 2009

Shemale Pornstar – one

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Latina Tranny Nicole Montero
presents indeed woman’s tits.
Vintage shemale pornstar Cherry Spice
Cherry Spice aka La Cherry, is a New York Latin girl whose been on and off the scene since 2001 and appeared with numerous different looks.
Known for always having a rock hard cock and liking to fuck women as well as men, she’s often picked for that versatility and the passion she puts into the scenes.
Vintage shemale pornstar Anna Alexandre

It was a shock to all, when on Feb 22nd 2007, Anna was killed in an auto-accident, in Florida, where she’d recently returned to live. She was aged 26 and had a lot of plans for her future after returning home from an extended hiatus in Las Vegas. She’s sadly missed in the TS community by her many friends and of course, her fans. These photos remain as a tribute to the beauty and character of such an incredible transgender model.
Vintage shemale pornstar Carmen Cruz

Carmen Cruz has been one of the most illustrious and prominent performers of the last decade, having performed in dozens of transsexual DVD’s in that time and it probably less well known that some performers who’ve done less, due to her lack of a major internet presence and sporadic appearances on websites.
Shemale pornstar Mia Isabella tgirl-network

“Cutest Little TS Chick With The Biggest Candy Stick” Mia Isabella was born in 1985 in the beautiful city of Chicago I began my career in the adult business at the ripe age of 19, shooting my first feature film. Enjoy my private site with tons of movies and pictures for my members.
Shemale pornstar Victoria di Prada tgirl-network

Hi! My name is Victoria di Prada, and I was born in Los Angeles, California. I’m 22 years old. I like to have fun, but I seldom go to clubs. My preference for fun would be to go to the movies, attend car shows, and hanging out with my friends. If I was on Gilligan Island, I’d be Mary Ann. I’m your typical girl next door. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to send me a message. I have nothing to hide as you will see when you join my site.


December 20, 2009

Porn literature – bed stories for adults

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Porn literature – bed stories for adults

Sometimes an ordinary text can be more provocative than nude images. It lets you use your imagination and wakes up your secret desires. Imagine sweet cuties meeting a couple of Afro-Americans in a hotel room, a horny wife ordering a pizza delivery when her husband is away, or a husband looking as his wife is having sex with another men.

If you are fond of erotic literature, you can browse through numerous sex stories sites out there: free and paid, with illustrations or photos, with MP3 files or printable versions of all stories. Read more about this type of adult entertainment industry and its benefits for readers and porn site owners.

Why do people like sex stories?

What is the difference between porn stories and porn images? The answer is obvious: the stories are actually ordinary text that offers its readers the great opportunity to use their imagination for visualization. If you see a photo with certain models, you can’t vary them according to your feelings: change the type of figure, hair, or bring in your own details.

And, sometimes porn surfers don’t want to see all “details” of the photo – the description of the sexual act can be enough for satisfaction. It especially concerns women who like a good plot more than real-life images. Human desires are very subtle things – any discomfort about one photo can make visitors dislike the whole website.

Basically, all sex stories websites can be divided into three groups:
Free sites where you can read erotic literature and submit your own stories
Paid sex stories sites with some additional content (images, illustrations, etc.)
“Sex Stories” section on traditional porn sites

Free sex stories sites

Free sex stories websites often work as online communities: besides people looking for dirty reads, they also cover authors who want to publish their own sex stories. That makes them very different from other porn sites. The income comes from affiliate programs, various advertisement options (including reviews for paid porn websites) and content licensing fees.

Here are some examples of free porn stories websites: The Erotica Readers and Writers Association is an international community of men and women interested in reading and writing erotic literature. It features original erotic fiction and articles; publishing advice for authors; sex toy and adult movie recommendations, and an adult forum focused on sexual issues, activities and relationships. True Dirty Stories features hundreds of real-life sex stories submitted by men and women from all over the world.There are many various categories you can browse through: First Time, Pantyhose, At a Bar, Viagra, Car Sex, In the Bathroom, Threesome, Halloween, etc. ASSTR (Alt Sex Stories Text Repository) is a free, user-supported web-site. It is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature and host of several popular erotic literature archives. New users may view a guide to using ASSTR as well as a listing of many available FAQs. Short Erotic Stories, as the name suggests, offer erotic literature on numerous adult topics, starting from straight sex to fetishes. You can browse through all stories/top rated stories or submit your own story online.

Paid sex stories websites

Is it possible to build a paid website that specializes in literary erotica and make money from it when there are so many free websites with sex stories available online? The answer is yes – if you offer your visitors more than just plain text, for example images, illustrations or short videos based on those stories. Another catch of paysites is that there are no dozens of annoying ads and banners.

Here are paid sex stories sites to consider: Porn Stories offers hundreds of erotic stories in over thirty categories. You can download and print them to read offline. The site also offers audio erotic stories in MP3 format for people who prefer listening rather than reading, and live streaming video feeds featuring both hard and softcore porn. Three-day trial is free; the membership fee is $34.62 per month. Sinful Tales offers audio stories, picture stories, sexy secret diaries, and shocking confessions. You can also discuss all erotic literature with other members on message board. Unlimited access to all content costs $6.95 for 7-day trial and $39.95 for 30-day membership. Illustrated XXX Stories features amazing sex stories that have over 2,500 words. There are also exclusive full-length stories galleries that can be erotic, romantic or hardcore. Three-day trial is $4.95, and the membership fee is $34.95 per month.

“Sex stories” section on adult websites

If you combine the advantages of adult paysites and the attractive features of xxx stories, you can attract new visitors (“we have all you need – from porn films and images to live webcams and sex stories!) and increased your revenue.

Besides, “Sex stories” section gives you some additional benefits. For example, if you have no time to buy new photos, you can update your website with a couple of fresh stories. Or you can raise the membership fee due to the new section. Another variant is to send some adult stories to new users as a registration bonus.

Beware of extreme plots

Sex stories can satisfy a broad array of tastes and kinks, more than traditional bookstores ever would or could. The straight vanilla tales seem to be interesting just for young women. Almost nobody publishes traditional hetero erotica; it’s all about niches, like interracial sex stories and BDSM.

However, be careful if you are writing adult literature or publishing it. Online host was closed by the FBI for posting sex stories that involved bestiality, orgies, water sports, scat, slavery, bondage and domination, and sex with children.

Even if you have no illegal pictures of a sexual nature, you could be in trouble for the written word. Sex stories, just as visual or audio pornography, should not involve kids, animals and illegal fetishes.

From Justine by Marquis de Sade to Story of O by Pauline Reage; from Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov to The Bicycle Rider by Guy Davenport, erotic literature has always been popular. Even a small “Sex Stories” section on adult sites helps their owners increase the number of visitors interested in the sensitive world of erotica, prolong the site membership of registered users, and improve the image of the whole site.

Shemale niche

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Shemale porn offers the best of both sexes! This niche/ has become extremely popular – and profitable – in the last few years. You will see a lot of “chicks with dicks” in mainstream advertising and even TV shows. It’s time to learn more about shemale niche, terminology and websites!

Word game

There’s a lot of different terms meaning “a chick with a dick” – shemale, lady boy, tranny. What is the difference between them if all these websites look the same?
~ Shemale (sometimes called she male, she-male or she-man) is a partially-feminized male. They typically have breasts (either grown through hormone therapy or breast augmentation surgery) and other female secondary sex characteristics, but they have not undergone male-to-female sex reassignment surgery. The majority of shemales are from Thailand and Brazil. You can also find hot girls from Argentina, USA, Philippines and Colombia.
~ Tranny is a derogatory abbreviation of transvestite. This term means cross dressers – men wearing female clothes. However, nowadays tranny niche can also include transgenders and transsexuals.
~ Ladyboy is a term that describes a “chick with a dick” from Thailand and South East Asia.
Another problem is the difference between a transsexual, transgender and transvestite. It is often unclear to the majority of porn surfers. Here are some basic differences between the “trans”.
~ Transgender is an umbrella term for individuals who may have the genitals of one sex, but they associate themselves with another gender. For example, a person who has a penis but feels female may be called a transgender.
~ Transvestite, or cross dress, is a man who enjoys wearing women’s clothes. He may be fully dressed as a woman or wear certain articles of women’s clothes such as lingerie or stockings. Transvestites and shemales are two different niches, but a lot of people (and webmasters) confuse them.
~ Transsexual is a person who doesn’t only dress as the opposite sex but also fundamentally feels that he/she was born in the wrong body. They could have a male body with a female mind (it is called Male to Female Transsexual, or MtoF). There is also the reverse situation when a person is born with a female body and a male mind (Female to Male Transsexual, or FtoM). Not all shemales are transsexuals – some of them prefer being both sexes just to make money.

Who likes shemale niche?

Who becomes a member of shemale paysites? Gays? Girls? Actually, the majority of customers for this niche are straight men. The reason is simple: even though shemales have a penis, they look and act like women.
For this reason shemale niche is not popular in the gay market. Gay guys want to see guys, not girls. There may be a demand for effeminate looking guys in the gay niche, but the models still have to be guys.
People who like shemale niche often call themselves ‘Straight with a twist’. Many of them are over 30, probably married, or in a relationship with a woman. They have seen a lot of stuff, and they are just looking for something more exotic.
Shemale niche has a lot in common with strap-on dildo fetish and anal sex. There are hundreds of websites that feature women with strap-on dildos having sex with men, and they are quite popular. That’s close to shemale having sex with a man.
Most of the straight audience considers sex with a shemale as an erotic fantasy – almost like forbidden fruit. They don’t want to be caught with a transsexual. So they just look at hot pictures and videos, but don’t try to meet them in real life.

Shemale websites

There are many sub-niches in the shemale market, just like in the gay or straight genres. You can find websites with European, Afro-American or Asian shemails; live webcams; dating sites; solo model sites; cartoons and comics; and various provocative combinations like shemale/shemale, shemale/female, and shemale/male.
Here are some websites you may consider to learn more about shemale niche:
– Shemale-club features hundreds of hot shemale models. Besides standard content, they also offer pictures and videos made my members’ request. The membership fee is $35 for 30 days (recurring), $75 for 90 days (non-recurring), and $99 for 150 days (non-recurring).
– Welcome to tranny town! Shemale Seduction offers porn movies and hi-resolution photos with horny models. The membership fee is $4.87 for 3 days trial (recurring), $39.73 for 30 days membership (recurring). You can pay with a credit card or a check.
– Would you like to pick up a hot transsexual and take her home? At ShemaleReality sexy models with penises seduce straight guys and live out their fantasies. The membership fee is $29.95 for 30 day access and $56.95 for 90 day access.
– Shemale Nova is variety, quantity, and innovation. They do their best to cover the whole market – from hardcore to reality, from vanilla sex to kinky fetishes like group sex, sharing partners, domination, double penetration, etc. The membership fee is $1.00 for 1 day trial period; and $29.95 for 1 month (then $29.95 every 1 month until cancelled).
– Black Brazilian Shemales offers high quality exclusive videos, photos and screenshots. You can meet brand new, carefully selected black shemales models every week. The membership fee is $1.00 for 1 day trial period; and $29.95 for 1 month (then $29.95 every month until cancelled).
– Lb-69 offers a mix of solo and hardcore scenes of over 200 ladyboy models. There are 100% original high-quality pictures and full-screen videos, a big forum for transsexual admirers, direct email and phone numbers of the girls. The membership fee is $39.95 for 1 month (then $29.95 every 1 month until cancelled), or $99.95 for 6 months.
– Shemale Scenes offers downloadable hardcore movies and photos of gorgeous girls with penises between their legs. At the present moment there are 117 models. The membership fee is $35 for 30 days (recurring), $75 for 90 days (non-recurring), and $99 for 150 days (non-recurring)
Shemale niche used to very small, but now, thanks to the Internet, it has become a major player in the adult entertainment industry. Affiliates will enjoy the benefits of the curiosity that surrounds this genre in addition to the shemale admirers that spend a lot on their adult entertainment. However, it also means that you will have to work hard as more and more people are going to promote this niche.

December 16, 2009

Yo is a 19 year old ladyboy Stripper

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[stextbox id=”warning”]Yo is a 19 year old ladyboy stripper.
She loves to shake her moneymaker and get fucked by horny guys. Well in the scene you can watch her stroke her big cock and and how she can move that ass! Another excellent episode delivered to you by[/stextbox]

December 11, 2009

Bibi. The Ultimate Ladyboy!

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[stextbox id=”warning”]Bibi works as an escort and she is very popular. It wasn’t easy to have her shoot for us but then again she couldn’t resist getting fucked by a white stud. So here you go! Yet another excellent episode delivered to you by :[/stextbox]