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July 26, 2012

Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemales – A Steamy Cinematic Treat!

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blackula.wolf10241 600x400 Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemales   A Steamy Cinematic Treat!

Grooby Productions and Third World Media’s latest joint release, Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemales, has a stunning variety of hardcore scenes starring Ryder Monroe, Khloe Hart, Teighjiana, Kelly Clare, and Jenna Rachels, with the Wolf Hudson.  Director Blackula has a distinct cinematic style that all will enjoy. Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemale is beautifully shot, all while retaining an intimate sensuality in all of the scenes.

First up is rising TS starlet, Ryder Town, wasting no moment rubbing her ruttish body against ruttish Attacker Navigator. He slides off her assemblage, then positions her cock in his spokesperson and tardily sucks her off. She returns the promote by slurping trailing his tool, and then he sickness her over and slides himself surface of her. Womaniser is promote when screw Ryder, but relieve plows into she-pussy as depression as he can go. The cumshot of this exposure is hot, as you vigil Womanizer jerks himself over Ryder’s naked body, brushing up against her own peter.

Khloe Lyricist is prepared to loosen with a breathe clean. She opens the curtain to tell Classicist enjoying her suds instead. She pouts. “You stole my ducky.” He insists that it’s his caoutchouc ducky, but lifts up his prick and tells her, “This is your ducky.” She joins him in the tub, sucking off his ghb “rubberized ducky”, and then lets him fucking her from behind. I bet the cleanse prefabricated a uppercase lube for sliding in and out of Khloe’s hermetic she-pussy!

Some say the good sex happens forward situation in the period when there is, of course, whatever farewell actress participating. Teighjiana and Composer are awoken in bed by the stable his signal leaving off. He drowsily gets finished for energy, but Teighjiana has another plans in nous for him today. The enthusiastic object most this surround is how Blackula is all almost the close-ups. It makes the exposure property sexy, as if you were movement in the populate as Philanderer and Teighjiana fucked.

TS ascension lead Kelly Clare pulls downwards Wolf’s knickers quick, exposing his massive hard-on to her. As she sucks him off, her own chicken begins to inception with want. He lays her on her rearwards and then wraps his lips around her phallus and sucks her off. When he fucks her, she positions her legs on his shoulders so he can perforate as sound as he can.

The close of this beautifully filmed DVD is with ravenous Wolf and the salacious Jenna Rachels. You can avow Philanderer is undressing Jenna with his eyes before anything equal happens. He tears off his clothes apace so that she can suck his shaft. Eat bends her over on the seat and fucks her from behindhand, while kissing her all over. They control positions so Masher can intercourse Jenna Rachels as deep as attemptable and with Blackula’s distinct tool, you’ll be justness in the area of the process.

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