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July 8, 2012

Condom – 17 inches of love.

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French letter [brit]
johnny [brit]
rubber [N. Amer]
dinger [Australian slang]
franger [Australian slang]
raincoat [slang]
protection [euphemism]
jimmy hat [slang]

– Contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse.
– A condom is a barrier device most commonly used during sexual intercourse.

The French attributed the invention of this simple product, and even the British called it “the English raincoat.” The British, in turn, is also in no hurry to acknowledge his authorship, and in retaliation called him “the French envelope.” Meanwhile, in this invention, in fairness, ought to be proud of. Is not the first century, it helps millions of men and women to enjoy life without worrying about the consequences of risky fun. But for its long history, this savior of mankind could not get the deserved respect.

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Even his own proud name – the condom – it calls a few people, preferring ironic euphemism for “item number two” …
Legend has it that the inventor of the condom was an English physician, Condom, suggested the use of a special case of animal gut loving Charles II, an anxious excess of the heirs. However, special cases for birth control were used in ancient Egypt.

Italian anatomist Gabriel Fallopio in 1654 proposed to use to protect against syphilis linen bag, impregnated with a special compound. The modern form of a condom purchased only in the 30s of XIX century, after the invention of vulcanized rubber.
There is a legend among the Russians that condoms Asian production shorter and narrower than their European counterparts. Fortunately, this is not the case. Indeed, almost all condoms now stamped it in Asia, near the habitats of rubber trees – of rubber tree.

From the sap of which is latex. By the way, all of condoms – a natural product, a synthetic substitute for latex invented so far failed. Major suppliers’ product number 2 “- Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Korea and China. If the package is the label of European firms – means condoms are made for Europe and to European standards. Standards, these are: length of the European condom should not be less than 170 mm, width – range from 44 to 56 millimeters, the most frequently encountered in the sale of condoms in width 52 mm. But these are not suitable for malomerki Siberian epic heroes, so their standards in Russia, and much more impressive. Thus, according to GOST 4645-81, the length of the Russian condom is 178 mm, width – 54 mm. But most are thick Israeli condoms: the thickness of the walls they have – more than 1.5 mm, while their Russian counterparts – only 0.07 mm. Most also make thin condoms in the U.S. (0.03 mm).

However, the strength of the wall thickness does not depend on: a much greater role played by material and technology features. Strength and ductility – the main consumer properties of the rubber workers of modest intimate front. Therefore, when they are subjected to testing downright comical loads. Condom-striker shall, without tears, accommodate at least 16 liters of air and 3 liters of water. To pass the test does not apply strict punitive measures: for example, according to the American Commission on Drugs, if the 1000 tests are broken condom 4, the entire party must be destroyed.
Still, from 2 to 5% of condoms tear during use. True, it happens more often than not because of quality products, but because of the mismanagement of use. Indirectly, this conclusion is confirmed by the fact that condoms are one and the same brand are reliable enough for the representatives of one nation and completely unsuitable for other members. So, if we accept for a standard unit rate “aerial” English because of a torn condom, for Americans the figure for the same period amount to $ 10, but for Filipinos – 20. So that being said, there is nothing to blame on the condom …
Recently, sexually incontinent people seriously alarmed by rumors that a condom is not a protection against AIDS since the virus has the ability to penetrate through the pores. To find out, European doctors conducted an experiment by taking under the supervision of 124 couples in which one partner was a carrier immunodeficiency virus. During 22 months of the experiment in pairs, always used condoms, not infected with any one partner. And among those who used them on occasion, picked up the virus, one in ten. So a modest but indispensable condom is useful today as ever.
Myasnikova Elena.

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