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January 30, 2009

Freedom for Fuck from TrannyPolice

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TrannyPolice gives you a chance to see ” hardcore sex punishment by sex-frenzied shemale cops”.

These tranny babes are ready to serve and protect! They’ve got the big guns and they’ll handcuff you and put you under arrest! All real hot shemales dressed as cops seen in some hardcore fuck scenes. Real Brazilian shemales in this exclusive content seen frisking and getting friendly with the civilians!

The officers working the beat on Tranny Police pack an extra kind of heat under their belts. These shemales and the criminals they apprehend always seem to find a reasonable compromise. The bad guys don’t do the time for their crimes. They make restitution by bending over and being fucked. Some of the dudes get off by screwing the tranny cops instead. You’ll also see some biologically female perps in some of the scenarios. The performers on this site seem to be Latin American, presumably Brazilian in most cases. They are truly tantalizing and always get their man or woman in the end.

I have to say that generally these T-babes make rather reasonable rulings when it comes to punishment. Most of the time, they see turnabout as fair play. The thugs and bad apples they deal with don’t always seem to realize the consequences of their actions though. Sure, the tranny cop may let the dude fuck her up the ass. However, she’s normally going to return the favor and fuck the miscreant’s butt as part of the disciplinary action. I’m not sure if such a system would really decrease crime. It sure increases my pleasure though.

There are three full-access bonus sites. You can check out Shemale Juice and We Rate Shemales for example. They bring you more content that is worthwhile to download. There are some behind-the-scenes pictures. They’re somewhat weird, since they just seem like extra photos from some of the main episodes. They don’t really show anything that looks different from what you see in front of the camera.

Simple galleries by some models

Adryella Vendramine

Bia Spencer

Bia Spencer - Anal or Life Sentence

Bia Spencer – Anal or Life Sentence

Isadora Venturini

Priscilla La Castillo

Shakira Maya – join

V I D E O galleries

I hear the sirens and see the red and blue flashing as I get nearer to the tour of Tranny Police. These hardcore tranny cops find guys and even girls with active arrest warrants and serve them meaty shecocks instead of paper to keep them out of jail. I was pleased to see that some of these bad ass tranny cops were some of my favorites from around the block. I couldn’t wait to get arrested and stuffed into the member’s area to serve my sexual time.

It looks like the shemale police on this beat started patrolling in August and seem arrest a new bad boy or girl about once a week. These hard ass cops have something to offer these miscreants and they show them their way around a cop shop and a shecock as well.

I was glad to see that some of my favorite tranny lovelies had made a career choice and were now hot shemales on the street meting out justice and those great shecocks that they carry hidden in their pants.

The twenty-three arrests are laid out on the main page, so you won’t be searching the navigation bar for anything but your favorites, behind the scenes action, cams, faqs and the three bonus sites that you have access too. The bottom of the main precinct holds fan cards that are created for any member that requests one with a full 30 day membership. I liked that special paroled bonus.

Each arrest report includes the photos and videos of the action. These shemales know how to take a guy or girl down to the ground with those well shaped bodies and shecocks. The report also includes a short report of how the action went down which was a nice prelude to the actual photo and video reporting.

The photo report of each arrest is nice with big thumb-nailed pictures that lead to even larger crisp action photos that will lead you through the crime scene and the arrest. You can download each photo set to your hard-drive and even rate them for other police voyeurs.

I couldn’t wait to see the video capture of these naughty folks and the hard shecocks that get to beat them with those meaty billy-clubs. I was really disappointed to head in and click on one of the clips and find that it didn’t really work. They loaded and it buffered, but then spun and spun on its wheels not going anywhere. I have faith that anyone with this great of an arrest record will have this fixed in no time, and can’t wait to report when they get it done.

Consol on exit, it’s not good, but “life is life” and this promo deals…


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