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November 20, 2007

Women and Pornography – Porn actors and actresses – alternative porn

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Just look at these stats…

From Ynot – Women and Pornography

Women keeping their cyber activities secret: 70%
Ratio of women to men favoring chat rooms: 2X
Percentage of visitors to adult websites who are women: 1 in 3 visitors
Women accessing adult websites each month: 9.4 million

In an article written by Gretchen Gallen for XBiz, Gretchen is quoted as saying “According to Internet and digital media research firm Neilsen/NetRatings, in September of this year, 32.2 million unique visitors accessed adult content sites. Of that traffic, 70 percent were male and 30 percent were female” That means that in one single month, 9.6 million women in the United States accessed adult websites. A study out of the United Kingdom states that of the 3.8 British surfers accessing pornography websites in any given month, a quarter of them are women. Additionally, more than a quarter of the entire U.K. Internet population visited porn sites in one single month.

How to become a porn star on the Internet

Some people want to be rock stars, some – movie stars, and some – porn stars! If you are dreaming about a career in the adult industry, keep in mind that it is a highly competitive field. Even though over 10,000 new adult videos are released every year, becoming a porn star can be a difficult task. Here are some tips on how to jump into this secretive industry and become well known online and offline.

Weigh all the pros and cons

Make sure that porn star career is right for you. This important decision can alter – and sometimes ruin – all your life. These are just a few of the things you need to consider before breaking into the adult industry:

• Look back at the choices you have made in the past. If you feel that most of them ended up backfiring, perhaps it is not a good time to make this life-changing decision.
• Unless you become an “A-list” actor, you will be asked to perform much more intense sexual acts like group sex or double penetration.
• You have a very small chance to become a successful porn star if don’t perform with both sexes. So if you are homophobic, think twice.
• Most scenes that you see for 15 minutes take from 4 to 6 hours to film. It can be very difficult for men to remain erect during that time.
• Be prepared to sit around on sets, sometimes for several hours, waiting for your scene to be filmed.
• Few studios will cover your travel expenses, hotel accommodation, car rental, or food bills. They also rarely provide food or drinks on a set.
• Your images and videos might be distributed worldwide. They can’t be removed by producers at your request because porn studios often sell the rights on to other companies.
• Your family, friends and prospective employers are likely to find out about your new profession. Can you imagine their reaction?
• If you have or plan on having kids, keep in mind that they will face the stigma of their parent being a porn star. You know, what is done by night appears by day.
• Being a good performer requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Are you a friendly, respectful, easy going and most of all, reliable person?
• A good porn star has to pay a lot of attention to their appearance. It means going to the gym, keeping yourself clean, see your dentist regularly, getting your hair done, etc.
• Getting paid for sex is the surest way to ruin your enjoyment of sex. It will seem that you are working 24/7!

Porn actors and actresses

If you are a man, getting into the porn industry will be very difficult. The reason is simple: most viewers look at the girl and care less about the guy. There are few openings for men who want to do professional porn and even less for heterosexual porn. So don’t expect to make a lot of money unless you do gay porn and/or become an “A-list” actor.

Guys have to meet much more requirements to get a job. You have to be willing to work with any girl in any situation, and get ready for stop-start sex. In order to be successful as a leading performer you must be able to get hard, keep it up, and have orgasms on command. It takes practice, good physical shape and stamina.

If you are a man who wants to become a porn star, the best advice is to find a hot girl and go to a studio with her. The girl should specify that she’s only willing to work with you. This way you can get your ticket to the porn world. Getting into gay porn is easier – just go to the gay porn studios and get an audition. They are always looking for new talents.

However, women may be also shocked at how hard it is for them to break into the adult industry and get paid well. Hundreds of drop dead gorgeous women try to become porn stars every year, so the competition is very tough.

Producers and casting agents pay attention to numerous parameters, including your natural beauty, breast shape and size, body, vaginal appearance, hygiene and acting abilities. Physiologically, it is not very difficult to play your role – with just a bit of lubricant you can simulate your passion through the whole production.

If you get a job, you will need to get HIV tests every month. The certificate should be under thirty days old on the day of the shoot. Good producers don’t work with performers who have outdated paperwork.

Professional porn

If you want to become a professional porn star, you can either hire a reputable agent or do their work yourself. The agent will help you with advice, contacts with porn studios and bookings. They can also get you the auditions and conduct negotiations for you.

If you don’t want to spend money on agents, go to the porn studios and introduce yourself. You can find decent studios in New York, Miami, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Toronto and Vegas, but about 80-90% of the top adult movies in the world are produced in Los Angeles, California. If you don’t live in or near that city, your chances to find a job are significantly smaller.

Some low-budget studios and independent directors advertise for models and video performers in local newspapers and magazines. They will ask you to leave your contact information and a couple of photos before making a decision.

Avoid going the “casting couch” route to get a job. Having free sex does not guarantee that you will become a porn star. Moreover, casting agents or producers don’t have to get HIV tests. Do you really want to risk your health for a job that you may never get?

Amateur porn

The rise of new technology has allowed anyone to set up their own website and – if they want – to become a porn star. You can easily start earning and becoming known worldwide with the help of a good webcam.

Obviously, it is much easier to become an amateur porn star than to be a professional performer. You do not have to go to the numerous castings to get a job or venture outdoors and come back exhausted.

Of course, selling your images and videos online on your own website requires some e-commerce business savvy. You should also ensure a fast speed connection for easy transmission of your images. Slow connection can actually ruin your business.

Another way to become an amateur porn star is working for webcam porn companies. There are numerous websites that can help you jump into this industry. Use Yahoo, Google or any other search engine to find contacts.

Typically, webcam porn companies offer their clients shows and charge money for it. You will have to perform for the individual or for the group (it depends on the terms of your contract). If you become a favorite with your clients and increase your follower base, you will earn more money.

It is very challenging to become a porn star. The adult industry is a business and the performers are rarely provided with much consideration. If you really want to make a career in the adult industry, be ready to work and to work a lot.

If you are sick and tired of traditional porn models with blond hair and silicon breast implants then you will like a new adult genre – alternative porn. It strives to subvert traditional porn standards of beauty, aesthetics, and form.

Originated as amateur erotica, alternative porn has proven to be a profitable business and, as a result, has carved a niche for itself in the adult entertainment industry. Playboy bunnies are out; indie-goth-emo-punk girls are in!

What makes alternative porn so alternative?

Alternative porn (also called alt porn, altporn, alt-porn, alternaporn) involves members of such subcultures as punks, emos, goths, or ravers. It features models with tattoos, piercings, scarifications, or rebellious haircuts instead of big lips and big tits.

Young people, especially teens, tend to subvert accepted standards of beauty. They want to watch porn related to their world, porn that they can purchase online. The adult entertainment industry has nothing to do but jump on the bandwagon and begin promoting for the younger generation.

The “youth” emblem is an efficient marketing hook: it attracts not only people aged 18 to 25, but also consumers who are pretty far from this demographic. Just remember MTV and its large audience!

The history of alt porn

Before alt porn, industry specialists used a general term ‘indie-porn’, or independent pornography. It included amateur video, non-commercial video, and alternative erotica. With the passage of time these sub-genres became independent. The term ‘indie porn’ is still sometimes used, but it is not related to alternative subcultures.

The alt porn trend was started by Blue Blood, a glossy erotic magazine launched in 1992. It featured punks, goths, and erotic fiction. The owners generally used term “subcultural erotica” to describe their content. The creation of Blue Blood confronted the mainstream ideas of what was attractive and sexy.

However, the biggest market for alternative porn was the Internet. The earliest alternative porn sites were (later renamed to,, and

The terms “alternative porn” appeared in the early 2000s in reference to, the most popular and financially profitable alt porn site. Its content differed from traditional adult entertainment brands such as Playboy or Hustler.

Nowadays alternative pornography can be divided into two sub-genres: on the one hand, there are websites that celebrate alternative beauty and provide softcore photography. They have a reputation of porn that even feminists can love.

On the other hand, there are websites that offer hardcore content to get more customers. Because of the push to earn money, their owners are more concerned with good marketing strategies rather than representing certain aesthetics.

Alternative porn website features

Alt porn is created for young adults by their contemporaries. They are producing content to sell it to people like them. You have to be really attracted to that type of girls, or your films/images will look like a costume parody.

Due to the “youth” emblem, alt porn websites often have forums, blogs, message boards, chat rooms, and other features of online community. The members and the models can create their own text profiles and keep journals. It encourages participation by both models and viewers. Typical porn websites usually feature more or less anonymous models viewed by anonymous surfers.

Another feature of alt porn websites is their low membership fee. You will need to pay around $15 per month (typical porn sites charge around $30 per month). The reasons are simple: young people don’t have a lot of money and there is a lot of amateur content.

Alt porn websites to browse

Alt porn sites are a big business these days. Since the success of Suicide Girls, dozens of new websites have popped up, all trying to expand or improve the alt porn business model. The biggest niche players include:

You know, personal tastes differ. Some people want to have sex with Brad Pitt, others like Marilyn Manson. Some people adore Jessica Simpson, others like Amy Winehouse. If you prefer girls (or guys) with more than just an ankle tattoo or ears pierced, now you have a porn genre matching your interests and style of life!

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