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August 15, 2011

Hypersexuality – sexual addiction

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recycle-sex_addiction Hypersexuality – (sexual addiction, sexual dependency, sexual compulsivity, physical dependence, hypersthesia, compulsive – forced, compulsory, obligatory, sexual behavior , adrodiziya, giperafrodiziya) significantly increased libido.
Enhancing sexual desire, which manifests itself in the need to be extremely frequent sexual activity and diversify it, and in extreme physical capacity in sexual life, or a combination of both these qualities.

Oversexed call people who have very strong sex drive, but rarely receiving full sexual satisfaction, despite the numerous sexual acts with multiple partners. Hypersexuality (often pathological) in women is also known as nymphomania (nymphs – in Greek mythology, female deities of nature), and men – satiriazisom (satyr in Greek mythology called forest deities – half-human, semi-animal – who portrayed lustful, half-drunk and spent time in orgies and entertainment) or donzhuanizmom.

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notebook-man_sex_addiction Research conducted hypersexuality is relatively small, as many refer to this phenomenon seriously enough. Absolute criteria for determining hypersexuality did not exist. For most cases, characterized by the following features:
1) an insatiable need for sexual activity, often violating other daily functions, and 2) an impersonal sex, utterly devoid of emotional components, and 3) despite frequent orgasms, sexual activity in general does not bring satisfaction.

On strengthening the sexual drive (erotomania) to say only in cases where a person can not erotic to pay attention to other aspects of life, making it a social inferiority, in spite of intensive and varied sex life. Since the normal sexual intercourse with one or more sexual partners is not enough to complete sexual satisfaction, develop deviant or perverse form of sexual behavior.

Many men thought of a woman with a stronger sex drive than their own, is alarming, calling these women nymphomaniac, they are trying to preserve their own egos. Her husband, trying to hide their own fears and feelings of inferiority, often accuses his wife of “hypersexuality” and the wife does not enjoy sex, may present similar claims to her husband.

woman-man_sex_addiction Distinguish the youth, or puberty, hypersexuality in the form of mental fixation on the sexual-erotic experiences and fantasies, accompanied by spontaneous erections, wet dreams, and frequent other manifestations of increased sexual excitability (depressed libido). Junior hypersexuality – functional phenomenon, which goes with age. Excitation is characteristic of all forms of hypersexuality, regardless of the direction of sexual desire. It is characterized by strong specific sensations in the genital area (feeling congested, increasing the volume), increasing their sensitivity. Sometimes attached to this feeling of warmth, tickling, “chatter”, the overflow of the bladder, frequent urination, often with pain in the abdomen and lower back. Women with hypersexuality multiorgastichny, ie able to experience not one but several brilliant orgasms, and in more severe cases, orgasm occurs from the very beginning of stimulation of the erogenous zones, or even without it, with an increase in arousal, lasts up to 1 hour or more, taking a wave-like nature, can occur with any form of stimulation (sexual intercourse , petting, masturbation), and erotic dreams, and even when exposed to inappropriate stimuli. Satisfaction in the form of relaxation and excitement or recession occurs while, or does not occur. In these cases, the excitement grows with every orgasm. Sexual arousal is often in the form of crises. Increased sexuality can lead to antisocial behavior as with a lot of casual sex and alcoholism, as well as to complex sexual and social contacts. Antisocial behavior often occurs when the disease begins in childhood, adolescence or young adulthood. Isolation of patients in same-sex team neizlechivaet hypersexuality, and leads to a shift in homosexual desire.

The cause hypersexuality may be a violation of the hypothalamus, limbic system as a result of deferred neuroinfections (encephalitis, meningitis), traumatic or vascular brain injury, brain tumor, drug intoxication, hyperthyroidism and adrenal cortex, etc. Hypersexuality during menopause, most likely related to hormonal disorders in the body and is more common in women who are at an early age suffered from anorgasmia, or early sexual activity ceased for various reasons. The cause of neurotic hypersexuality can be a feeling of worthlessness, lack faith in their own sexual performance that they require constant monitoring, verification. All this leads to overcompensation of his own weakness, ie, the desire to take new and “wins” (aka Don Juanism syndrome). In extreme cases of hypersexuality may be manifested as prolonged and painful erections that occur under the influence of even the most minor of erotic stimulation. For a complete sexual satisfaction is not enough regular sex with one or more sexual partners (this may occur more often sexual deviance and sexual perversion). Junior hypersexuality fully equal to the period of female menopausal hypersexuality, temporarily, the two age groups is very suited to each other to meet the sexual needs.

Excessive intensity of sexual desire is expressed in pathological masturbation or in sexual orgies. Along with this there are sometimes quite healthy, young women and men with strong and relatively early awakening sex drive in need of daily repeated sexual acts. The boundary between the extremes of norm and pathology in these cases is very relative.

Sexual addiction

Over the past ten years, some clinicians have expressed the view that compulsive sexual behavior is a real addiction, like alcoholism, drug addiction or gambling addiction. For sexual addiction is characterized by: 1) inability to control sexual impulses, and 2) the harmful consequences of this behavior, although as a rule, very sexy adtsikt denies it, and 3) lack of control in other areas of life, and 4) increased frequency of the pulses over time, and 5) symptoms abstinence in abstinence.

Patients suffering from sexual addiction, sex derive from the same drug that is extracted from the drugs, alcoholics – from alcohol: an unusually pleasant, incomparable with anything else in their life, a way to suppress feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety or fear, as well as a means to get rid of the oppression of everyday life. This need to escape from reality and repeatedly test the spirit rise so high that the sex maniacs, like alcoholics and people with other addictions, practically unable to resist them. They want it over with. Again and again they promise to stop it. They even try to stop but can not.

Most sexual maniacs – men and sex addiction they often manifest in unusual forms of sex (such as paraphilia), promiscuity, compulsive masturbation, homosexuality, violence and desire for incest, as well as an unusually high demand for conventional sex. In one of the couples who applied to the Institute of Masters and Johnson, her husband insisted on at least four intercourse with his wife in the day, and his wife gave way to his demands because he threatened to go to prostitutes when it will not “meet his needs” .

In women, sexual addiction is often expressed “a frequent unsafe sex with strangers”. In an effort to assert themselves or to escape from the grief and loneliness, they again and again enter into a sexual relationship in order to feel confident and achieve short-term euphoria. Oversexed women are caught in a vicious circle. Sexual victory they need to feel their power, but it is an unmet need for affection and communication. Under their addiction lies a burning desire to escape feelings of worthlessness. These women need to seduce, harass, to feel that they have won. They crave intimacy and warmth, but do not know how to do it.

Regardless of the specific type of sexual behavior, it turns into addiction when it appeared the elements of compulsion (coercion) and the complete disregard for possible consequences. For this reason it is important to understand that not all voyeurs or transvestites should be considered addicts, although some of them (those who are irresistibly drawn to voyeurism, or to wear clothing of the opposite sex) are so.

The most common representation of sex addicts male about themselves: 1) I am inherently bad dud, and 2) no one will love me as I do, and 3) My needs are never satisfied if I have to rely on others; 4) sexual satisfaction – is my most important need.

Similar beliefs sex addicts female: 1) I was powerless, and 2) I will always be one or I will feel lonely, and 3) I will always throw, and 4) my body shamelessly (corrupt), disgusting.

These core beliefs, in turn, lead to behavior patterns, determining the sex of the addicts. For example, the belief that “no one will love me as much as I do,” leads to an erroneous conception of equating sex to love: “I can love if you feel me libido” or “If someone is engaged in sex with me This proves that I can love. ” A core belief of women that she will always be thrown, gives rise to the installation: “I do not throw if I learn to seduce.”

Most programs set up to help sexual addicts, based on the same principles as the program “Twelve Steps to recovery” for Alcoholics Anonymous. According to many experts, sexual addiction requires professional treatment, as well as mutual support. One of the main objectives of this therapy – to learn to change negative beliefs, inciting addiction, understand that you can cope with anxiety and stress in other ways, not just with sex, learn communication skills. Ability to communicate helps sex “addicts” get rid of loneliness, successfully creating a new relationship or repairing old ones. It should be pointed out that there are no studies showing that sexual addiction can be distinguished as a separate diagnostic category. Of course, this does not mean that such a concept lacked a real basis: for people who are in the power of sexual compulsions, do exist. The essence of the problem is to determine whether the will, naming some people, sex addict, find a way to diagnosis or treatment of abnormal sexual behavior, or whether it will be only another way of labeling.

typical test – are you sexual addiction?

1. What, in your opinion, the optimal regularity of sex?
– At least once a day;
– Several times a week;
– Several times a month.

2. When do you usually engage in sexual intimacy with a new partner?
– In principle, this can happen even on the day of dating – why hold back the passion?
– Usually this happens in 2 weeks (a month) after they met – I do not want to be perceived as too accessible woman;
– No less than 2-3 months, I am a decent woman.

3. What is a perfect night for you?
– Of course, a night full of frantic uncontrollable passion. However, this may not only be the night …
– Night with the beloved man, a gentle long sex;
– Perfect night – is when sex and brought a lot of fun and managed to get enough sleep.

4. How many orgasms you have to deliver a good partner for the night?
– Certainly not less than 3 – or not so good and he;
– (02-01) orgasm – enough;
– Sex – it’s not just an orgasm and the pleasure of the body, but also the joy of the soul, so completely orgasm can replace feelings of fullness.

5. Getting acquainted with a nice man, you think first of all:
– What is its languid glance … I wonder what he is in bed?
– He has a terrific smile that can melt even a heart of stone;
– An interesting man. I hope we can find common interests and we will have something to talk about.

6. How do you feel about sexual experimentation?
– Change postures and techniques – it’s great, helps you find new experiences, so I try to diversify the sexual life to the maximum;
– Sometimes we try to partner with new techniques, postures, but some of them are psychologically uncomfortable for me;
– I, in principle, never too much not to experiment, but know very public positions enjoy.

7. How do you feel about intimate haircut?
– The idea to decorate themselves “out there” to my taste. Surprise partner, and differ from the total mass must always strive;
– Okay, sometimes experimenting myself. However, I hardly venture to go to the salon to make this delicate procedure;
– My intimate haircut not original, and I do it mostly because of ethical considerations and hygiene.

8. What would you do if a partner does not want sex, and you really want?
– I’ll be all known ways to seduce him, but before my spell will not stand no man!
– I will try to seduce him, but if it does not do it and the man would be clearly against sexual intimacy, a little offended, but to insist on the stop;
– Upset, of course. But in all cases this reluctance – to do the same from a single case of a tragedy?

9. Your partner (a man, love that you have, in principle, no, but in bed with whom you very well) went on a long trip …
– If the trip is too long, I can hardly wait it, and find a new lover;
– I have with it is fantastic sex, and long waits only to further inflame my passion;
– I do not see any problem in his departure. I’ll wait for the return.

10. What is your sex?
– Sex – is perhaps the most important aspect of life;
– Pleasure, the highest point of trust in each other;
– This is part of life, as, for example, work.

11. How long can you go without sex?
– Basically, for me, even a couple of days without sex – a long abstinence;
– Have to live without sex for a long time, but survive longer than a week and feel comfortable – it is difficult;
– I do not know. Maybe a month or two.

12. How do you feel if you have not had sex for a long time?
– Just awful! I’m disturbed menstrual cycle, I get nervous, hysterical;
– Physical disorders is not specific, but here the mood is poor – the state of mild depression;
– No change in his condition and mood did not notice.

13. How often do you change partners?
– Periodicity can not call – as soon tired of old, seeking a new;
– It is not often. Just in case, if the partner has ceased to satisfy me, not only physically, but emotionally;
– I can say monogamous – all partners that I had, you can easily count on one hand.

14. Where you are ready to have sex?
– Where passion overtake – even at a party or club in the VIP-cabin;
– In nature, for example, or in the car on the roadside – where no one can be surprised;
– Still of the opinion that sex – especially intimate thing, so make love to be at home or in hotel room.

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